Gowan for AZ

Rep. GowanSince I was first elected, we turned a $3 Billion deficit into a surplus, passed the Arizona Jobs Bill to attract new employers/jobs, and refilled the Rainy Day Fund that Janet Napolitano drained.

We’ve added hundreds of millions of dollars back into areas that suffered during the lean years, like education, transportation, and infrastructure. We passed SB1070 to crack down on illegal immigration and passed Constitutional Carry, making Arizona America’s best 2nd Amendment state.2014-03-06 02.08.46

I currently serve as House Majority Leader where I’m responsible for pushing our conservative agenda across the finish line.     I get to keep our State House focused on high-profile things like job creation and improving education.  I also ensure that other important things like protecting veterans and our military bases, a clean water supply, forest health, and critical rural concerns aren’t forgotten by a Legislature dominated by Maricopa County interests.

1_CopperCreek06Representative Stevens and I voted against Arizona’s ObamaCare Expansion, so we have been targeted for defeat by a liberal opponent who supports ObamaCare and its $2.8 Billion cost to Arizona taxpayers. We cannot afford his liberal plans for higher taxes and bigger spending.

I ask for your vote, and thank you for your support!